About Us

We are Waifus Kissing Senpai aka WKS.

We are an Anime inspired company started by two friends inspired by their mutual love for Anime, the anime community, and a dream of owning their own brand. We strive to do things our own way and connect with our supporters on a more meaningful level as much as humanly possible via the internet.

Our goal is to build a brand that makes people feel like they’re apart of a family and a real community. Whether it be stickers or other future merchandise, the goal is always for you to be proud of being apart of the WKS Fam. We are on a mission to grow together and stand out when it comes to quality and representation of the Anime community.

To sum it all up, we’re just two friends who want to create something awesome for ourselves, our friends and you, our WKS Fam.

Much love from Antonio and Mario from WKS.


All artwork sold is either commissioned with rights or with approval from artist.

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